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Comment Timur UTC. Comment Sakshale UTC. Printing and PDF export show other bugs. Attachments Screenshot of LO print dialog View All Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Created a new text document. Attempted to print. In the print dialog window, the image at far left shows document in landscape form but rotated 90 degrees text runs top to bottom.

The Preview window shows it in portrait aspect. When actually printed, it comes out in landscape aspect. Specs follow: LibreOffice: Version: 4. B14 SMC Version system : 2. I just installed Version: 5.

UTF-8 and on attempting to print, the same behavior occurs. It would be more helpful if you could provide a minimalist sample document where the problem is present so that we can test. Create a new Writer, Calc, or whatever document.

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Add some random characters. Then print. The following print dialog shows two conflicting images -- one on the left with the print running top to bottom as if in landscape aspect, the other appearing apparently normal in portrait aspect. On actual printing, the landscape version shows up on the paper. This would lead me to believe that the problem is specific to the version provided in the AppStore, or else a configuration problem.

Have you tried deleting your LO user profile without LO running and then retrying? Moving the Interestingly pre-existing. LibreOffice for Windows, with the same printer, works fine. Got a new Mac, installed LibreOffice, and it prints in landscape; however, does not reconfigure the page, just rotates it 90 degrees which also cuts off the bottom. Result is the same whether I print to the printer or print to PDF. Every other program on my computer prints fine; only LibreOffice has an issue.

I uninstalled Libre and deleted the Library file possibly unnecessarily , and then I installed LibreOffice 5. The problem is currently fixed for me - it prints portrait when I say portrait. Workaround 2: printing works, if you reduce the page size a little bit, e. My installation is LibreOffice 5. Workarounds: 1 You can export to PDF. This will produce a PDF in portrait that can be printed correctly. I use 8. Note to the bug hunters. This problem exists existed on the Windows platform a while back.

There is another bug listed for windows. Please fix as this is frustrating and increasing time in my workflows. Thanks in advance.

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Comment 19 bunkem UTC Oh my. I see the work arounds have already been posted at comment Apologies for the duplicate. Can you point to this bug? But a Google finds this problem comes and goes from version to version on all platforms. It appears the workarounds work for all platforms.

I just tested this work around and it fixed the issue.

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So it would tend to indicate that there is a preference setting, maybe this "paper size from printer" that is screwing things up?? I don't think it occurred in conjunction with an app update. This was fine on the 5. Canon MG LibreOffice 5. Print preview in Libre is correct but printer only prints landscape. No way to change to portrait.

Comment 25 bunkem UTC ambimom Did you try either of the workarounds? Besides Print orientation should work properly. I think everyone agrees.

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They appear to be having problems figuring it out. I don't have a printer connected at the moment, so I can't confirm that it actually prints as expected. This is a fairly massive inconvenience, obviously. When can we expect a fix? Details: LibreOffice: Version: 5. B03 SMC Version system : 1. I am using version 5. With the same easy-to-use features and imagery of Google Earth and additional capabilities designed specifically for business … more info More CyberLink Media Suite CyberLink Media Suite Ultimate combines 15 of our best multimedia applications.

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