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Step 1 : Download 5KPlayer and launch this free movies streaming player. Select Apple TV here. Step 3 : Drag the videos onto 5KPlayer interface and start playing, then wait for your video streaming process. Step 4 : Play the movies, videos you want to free stream from Mac to Apple TV to start free streaming. Step 1 : Download and launch this free movies streaming player. Select your Mac.

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Bigger plans for Apple TV 4 without 4K streaming? How to play 4K content via Apple TV 4?

Your concern is solved here. Play Video Music. Download Online Media.

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All Rights Reserved. If it's a TV show, you have to download episodes one at a time. Tap the Download icon next to each episode you want. When the download begins, a progress wheel replaces the download button and a status bar appears at the bottom. Once you've watched the movie or TV show, or if you didn't watch it and just want to remove it, tap the Download icon, then tap Delete Download see above screenshot to remove it from your iPad. Unlike the iPad, downloading Netflix to a Mac is a bit harder since Netflix doesn't support downloading and offline watching on Mac.


It's hard to know why that is. Some possible reasons include that it could be due to the licensing of movies and TV shows, because Netflix believes people won't use it that way, or because watching on a Mac can make it easier to pirate content.

That last one might be the culprit because the closest you can get to downloading Netflix TV shows and movies to a Mac basically requires recording the video. To do that, you'll need software that can record the screen of your Mac as you stream Netflix. You can then save that recording and watch it offline later.

Six ways to watch movies on your Mac

It's inconvenient, as you have to play the entire length of the video to save a copy. On the iPad, downloading a movie or TV show only takes a few minutes.

How To Watch Free Movies and Shows on a PC & Mac

In short, trying to download Netflix to a Mac probably isn't the best idea. Even less so if you have an iOS or Android device; any of those that support the Netflix app should also support downloading videos and viewing offline.

2. Popcornflix

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To download movies from Netflix, you'll need a few things:. An active Netflix subscription; you can't keep a download on your device if you cancel your subscription. admin