Dynamics crm 2013 for outlook mac

I think dynamics is an add-on you can get through Office and the dynamics is done via the web??

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The standard outlook client does not run within outlook on the Mac - but you can use the new Dynamics CRM App through the outlook web app - blogs. Thanks for your response - would I be able to use that to do the group emailing or could I do that through Outlook Mac ? If you want to send emails to a marketing list using direct mailing you can still do this using the web client and server-side sync. See - www.

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  • We have been running our Dynamics CRM On-prem installation with exclusively Macintosh clients since mid originally deployed CRM 3 with Outlook Laptop clients in early and have periodically upgraded since. In late April of this year, we migrated to CRM and so far, so good, with relatively few issues. We presently have about users, most remote. The CRM web client will run natively in OS-X only in the Safari browser and while there are some occasional page rendering quirks, the user functionality is good and the application stable.

    Performance of compared with and is superior. The bulk of the performance and stability issues we encounter are in the parts of the interface that remain largely unchanged from CRM - Notably, the Administration and Customization pieces. They work, but can be quirky and prone to occasional hangs or browser crashes.

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    The good news is that very seldom is any work ever lost, and we've been able to work around things fine. Our system has significant customizations and some custom entities, so there may be things that we encounter that the average user wouldn't. We do some very little bulk mailing at present, but have the E-mail router and some server-side sync functionality turned on. Not perfect, but it gets us most of the way. I continue to hope that MS will enhance the functionality of the Server-side synch piece.

    Dynamics CRM 2015 Outlook Client

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    Helpful resources. I think you can accomplish what you need using some Exchange gymnastics I'm more of a CRM than an Exchange guy but believe the following should work.

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    The solution is to cause the emails you wish tracked to be cc'd to a tracked mailbox. The email should then be tracked in CRM with the correct senders and recipients. The caveat is that you will have crm-tracked acme. Learn more about Teams. Asked 2 years, 4 months ago.

    Running Dynamics CRM on a MAC / Apple

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