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Forum Rules. Home Services Forums Advertise Contact. Login to Your Account. Remember Me? You can reduce the opacity to make it more subtle if you want. Re: Copyright symbol Thanks Barbara Re: Copyright symbol Thanks Barbara! Re: Copyright symbol How is this done on a PC??

How to Type and Use Copyright and Trademark Symbols

Re: Copyright symbol Make sure the Num Lock light is on. Yes, it makes a difference. Release the Alt button - ta dum! Re: Copyright symbol Tried it, JoAnn. Nothing happens.

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Re: Copyright symbol I tried it myself. If you are using a keyboard without a number pad you will likely see a function key somewhere on the keyboard that will activate a number pad somewhere on your letter keys.

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  • Do not release the function key until you have finished keying the numbers. Mac users have even fewer keystrokes to remember to create the copyright symbol. Press the Option key also labeled as the alt key and while holding it down type g for the copyright symbol to be inserted on the page.

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    All you have to do is activate the Emoji keyboard. Like all things tablet, there are multiple tabs and buttons to tap to get to symbols but it is as symbol as several taps to get the copyright symbol once the Emoji keyboard is installed. In the bottom left, between the toggle and the Siri button marked with a microphone there will be a globe button.

    Hold your finger on the globe for a moment and a list of keyboards will pop up.

    Creating a Text Watermark

    On the right side is one that is labeled!? Tap that tab.

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    There are a LOT of symbols on this keyboard set. Swipe over to the left a few times and near the bottom right on a set of symbols.

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    Alternately, if the text methods are driving you crazy, you can download a free set of symbols from About. Remember that whatever font you use will change the way your copyright symbol looks!

    Try out some different styles to see which you like best. Example of Copyright Symbols in Various Fonts.

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